GoodRx Mobile App Review and Download

The company behind the GoodRx app partners with pharmacy chains and drug companies to offer lower prescription prices to Americans. By offering discount cards, consumers can save up to 80% off of their prescription medications. There is no fee to join, and the app does not require any registration to use.






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About the GoodRx Download for Mobile Devices

If you’re wondering, “How does GoodRx download work?” then you may be interested in its start-up origins. Founded and built to disrupt the pharmaceutical market, the company began in 2011 in Santa Monica. The app also partners with pharmacy chains like Walmart, Target, CVS, Kroger, and more to negotiate lower prices.

GoodRx offers competitive discount cards that can save users around 80% on their prescription prices. Not only that, but the company says it has helped Americans save over $10 billion on their prescription drug costs.

Many Americans know that drug prices are set high, but few know that pharmacies are free to compete on price. Highlighting the savings potential is what GoodRx specializes in, and this also provides an advantage for consumers.

Geared toward the uninsured, or so it seems, even those with insurance may benefit. Drug prices rose by 2.9% in Q1 2019, and they are continuing to rise daily. The GoodRx app features a searchable database of medications and their prices. Included manufacturer coupons may discount prescriptions by a significant margin.

The downside here is that GoodRx’s information is based on what an uninsured patient would pay. Insurance companies do not reveal their pricing agreements with pharmacies. That leaves patients with no idea what their final cost is until they’re at the counter to pay.

While the base features of the app are free to use, the app also features a monthly subscription program. A gold subscription offers additional discounts on frequently used prescriptions.


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Features – How Does GoodRx Work?

  • Compares pharmacy prices on popular medications.
  • No need to sign up for an account to enjoy discounts.
  • A searchable database of the most popular prescriptions.
  • It does not sell your personal medical data.
  • Drops in prices results in automatic alerts.
  • Access on all digital platforms including iOS, Android, macOS, as well as PC


  • It does not collect personal information from consumers.
  • Completely free to use with an optional subscription for bigger discounts.
  • It can even help insured patients get better prescription drug prices.
  • Easy to use app features scan and go coupons for discounts.
  • App users can save up to 80% on many popular prescriptions.


  • Not all prescriptions have discounts available, however.
  • It usually requires supporting a chain pharmacy.

Why You Should Download the App

You should get the GoodRx download if you have prescriptions you pick up regularly because it’ll help in the long run. Since the app costs nothing to download and search for your medicines, you’re able to compare your expenses with the final cost listed on the app in order to see your savings next time you’re at the pharmacy counter.


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