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  • MyChart

    It’s a health app that allows patients to follow up on their health details, talk with their doctors, and review their medical tests, among other things. This app is more alike as an epic’s electronic health report card. The app is easy to use and the perfect pocket-friendly for receiving medical records.
  • FollowMyHealth

    Mobile apps are fun for games and dating, but how useful can they be for tracking your health? Invented by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, the FollowMyHealth app streamlines doctor-patient communications so that you don't spend all day having to schedule an appointment.
  • Medication Guide is a way for you to get any information you need about medication you're taking or thinking about taking. This includes especially information about interactions with other drugs. It's one of the most thorough databases of medication that you'll find online, and it's easy to search.
  • GoodRx

    The company behind the GoodRx app partners with pharmacy chains and drug companies to offer lower prescription prices to Americans. By offering discount cards, consumers can save up to 80% off of their prescription medications. There is no fee to join, and the app does not require any registration to use.

Showing all 4 results