Waze Mobile App Review and Download

Depending on where you live, a map might be needed to get around town. In big cities or possibly small ones, we are always going to need directions to make it to an unknown location. The Waze mobile app is a genius one that guides users to destinations all over the world.






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What to Know About the Waze Download

The Waze download app has taken drivers by storm and also helped them find their way around their local communities and on road trips. The download of the app from Google Play or Apple Store can load to your iPhone or other smartphones within minutes. Not only that, but you also have the choice of signing up or simply using the app for directions to a location. Waze is quickly becoming the new way of beating the traffic and driving through crowded highways. The Waze app for android is clever in giving you alternative routes to use and avoid congested areas. Users of the app get to skip all of the headaches when dealing with driving on the road and trying to find difficult locations.

After signing up, you have the option of either using the microphone to voice the address or type it in. It stores all directions to specific locations where you have traveled. The Waze app is excellent for people who are bad at directions and also giving them. It immediately puts any driver who might be lost at ease knowing they can make their way home by using the Waze application. You have your choice of picking routes that are on the highway and avoiding all toll roads. The app will search for any nearby locations for gas while you are driving also. The menu is very user-friendly when you navigate from the search bar to looking at the list of areas where you’ve driven too. Additionally, when you register on the Waze download you can input your profile picture and receive points on each drive.

Features of the Mobile App

  • Search bar to input full addresses.
  • Select car and gas choice for your type of vehicle.
  • Pick from an assortment of routes.
  • Receive messages from other Wazers.
  • Users can add favorite places they regularly drive to.
  • You can create a planned trip by connecting to social media or a calendar
  • There are alerts of road closures, cops nearby and heavy traffic.
  • Users will find arrival times for all destinations.

waze download mobile directions and reports

Pros of Waze

  • Great app for those horrible with following directions
  • Helps drivers in unknown communities to get around with ease
  • Live traffic ETA times
  • Helps you find the cheapest gas nearby during the drive
  • New route suggestions help drivers arrive on time and early

Cons of Waze

  • Some functions may not work on android phones
  • Routes can take time to load
  • If you live in Canada, there is no Google assistant help
  • Address searches are slow

The Waze download will change your life if you’ve ever struggled to find an address. It’s an excellent app that puts your driving in perspective as well as providing you with peace of mind knowing that you will make it to your destination on time. Users simply input any address and the Waze app for android will offer up various route choices. For those not to keen about driving on the busy highway, you can choose routes with side streets. The application constantly gives all drivers alert updates so they can either change their routes, avoid congestion or roads that are closed.


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