Uber Mobile App Review

In the small town where I live, public transportation is a mess which makes it difficult to use it efficiently. This is why I use the Uber app to quickly and safely take me to my destinations in times of transportational needs.






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What is Uber?

Uber is a ride-sharing company that connects people like you and me to an approved driver within minutes. Once your driver is chosen, they will be notified to meet you at your current location. You can view their location on the app to see where they are and when their expected arrival to you will be. They pick you up, just like a taxi would, and take you to the destination you entered into the app. You won’t need to pay in cash at the end of the ride; everything is through mobile. After you ride, you can choose to tip your driver if you’d like.

The company also allows you to become a driver. As long as you meet their specific requirements, you can drive and get paid from the app, as well. Just go to their website or download Uber to sign up to become a driver. Google: “uber near me” to see if your area qualifies drivers.

App’s Features

  • Easy-to-read map with driver location.
  • The payment system is completely virtual.
  • Estimates driver arrival time and destination length.
  • Fare estimation is upfront before your ride.
  • Earnings tab for drivers to keep track of how much they make.


  • Safest and most trusted ride-sharing service in the world.
  • Very easy to learn as well as use this app.
  • More convenient than public transportation.
  • You can split the fare with your passengers through the app.
  • You always know where your driver is at using the map.
  • Useful if there are no taxis in your area.


  • Not the cheapest service due to its popularity.
  • Not available in some small cities or towns.
  • You must be at least 21 years old to start driving with this app.

I find it stressful to be caught in situations where my car breaks down and I conveniently have no friends or family available to give me a lift to my destination. This app helps me in times of need and that help has saved me job interviews, gotten me to class on time and so much more. The city bus became too much of a hassle: trying to keep up with bus passes and run times. Once I started using this ride-sharing service, my worries about transportation lessened drastically.

To see if the service is available in your area, try a quick Google search of “uber near me” and you should be able to find out if there are drivers near you. Download Uber and see for yourself how easy it is to better your transportation situation.


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