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Jimmy John's is a very popular and growing chain of sandwich shops with hundreds of locations all over the country. Those that are a fan of the sandwiches from Jimmy John's should also consider downloading the Jimmy John's mobile app which will provide a range of benefits and features to the user.

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Description of the Jimmy John’s Mobile App

Jimmy John’s mobile app makes it easier than ever before to get a sandwich from your local Jimmy John’s shop. This app has a wide variety of features that will make it very convenient to enjoy a great meal. Some of the uses of this app include being able to complete an order from any Apple or Android device for either delivery or pickup, find nearby Jimmy John’s locations, learn more about current promotions and offerings, and track the delivery of your order.

Features of the Jimmy John’s App

There are a wide variety of features that make the Jimmy John’s app awesome, and it’s a great option to download. Some of the top features of the Jimmy John’s app include the following:

  • Ability to quickly order a sandwich for either pickup or delivery.
  • Save past orders and sandwich favorites to ensure a quicker ordering process.
  • Track the state of your delivery, which includes arrival estimates.
  • Conveniently pay with stored payment methods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Jimmy John’s App

When you want to order Jimmy John’s or simply learn more about their sandwich offerings and thing the app is a good option to download, it is important that you spend time considering the advantages and disadvantages of the app first. Some of the main advantages of the app include the following:

  • Quick and convenient way to order, pay and track your delivery.
  • Simple way to pay for a meal through stored payment methods.
  • Easy sandwich customization.

While there are plenty of advantages that come with the Jimmy John’s app, you should also consider some of the drawbacks. Some issues that people have had with the Jimmy John’s app in the past include the following:

  • Ordering requires that you create an online account and provide contact information.
  • Some users have had challenges making special requests.

Why Someone Should Download the App

If you would like to order Jimmy John’s or would like to stay informed about their offerings, it would be a very good idea to download the Jimmy John’s app to your mobile device. This provides you with the most convenient way possible to order and pay for a sandwich from Jimmy John’s. Additionally, you can use the app and account to take advantage of the recent new rewards program, which could help you to save money on Jimmy John’s sandwiches in the future.


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