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If you're looking to find a date locally, the Happn app is an excellent choice. In fact, it's the Editor's Choice for some mobile locations online. Here's some information about the Happn dating app and why you might want to try it out.






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Happn App Description

The Happn dating app makes it easy to sign up, and then you start finding profiles of those around you. You can like them in secret, and if they like you back, then you’ll both know that there’s a connection. Otherwise, you won’t know. Plus, you can send a ‘hello” that will notify them of the interaction. If you both hit the like button for each other, in the app this is called a “Crush.” Once this happens, you can now message each other. That way, you won’t receive messages from people that you don’t want to talk to in the app.

There are quite a few people who took the initiative to download Happn, so you won’t have any shortage of people to find that you might click with in general. It’s definitely one of those apps that focuses on mutual interest so messages are not out of the blue.

Features of Happn

  • “Crushes”- This feature makes it so that when you hit the like button for someone on the app, and they do the same for you, it makes a “crush,” which means you can now communicate with one another.
  • Anonymity – Locations aren’t shared on the app with the exception of when you want to share a location with a crush so that you can go meet them.

App Pros

  • 75 Million Members – There are quite a few people on the app, but there are anonymity advantages. Only those that you actually meet at a physical location will hang around on your app.
  • Editor’s Choice – The app is often a favorite of people online, including editors of app sites.
  • Simple and Free – The app is easy to use and to get into, and everything is free. Unlike with many other dating apps, you don’t have to pay to message people. The premium stuff really is extra.

App Cons

  • Premium Issues – There are some people who report difficulties with using their premium features. These include being able to view everyone who hit the like button for you and a timeline of some of the things that you’ve done on the app. These appear to be mostly glitches for individuals, however.

Why Should You Download This App?

It’s hard to beat free for full functionality in a dating app. Many don’t allow you to message people right away, but if you get a crush through mutual like button-pushing, then you can do this even if you don’t pay for the premium experience. There is no shortage of people on the site either, so it should be easy to find someone that you click with and would be interested in meeting. That’s why you should download Happn and try it all out today.


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