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Isn't it amazing how two tiny words can launch an intelligent system to command with your voice? The Google Home app is like the assistant you never knew you needed. I know it's a staple for my lifestyle, and I refuse to switch away from Google, or Android, because I need Google to follow me from each and every device I use. Let's break it down to specifics.

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About the Google Home App

“Okay, Google” Sound familiar?


The Google Home App is a speaker system introduced by the tech giant as a physical connection to the Google Assistant which users can interact with from just about any newer Chrome or Android-powered devices. The speaker comes in a few different sizes with some standard features:

  • The Original Speaker priced at $100 offers standard quality sound with a few buttons to manually control the device.
  • The Mini is a compact version of the original, but packs the same punch with greater transportability and priced at a steal for $50.
  • The Google Home Max offers luxury sound quality with the same access to the Google Assistant as others, but it does carry the luxury price tag of $300,

Some Bonus Features of the App

  • Commanding the Google Assistant via voice command with access to the internet.
  • Stream music and access other Google-powered apps.
  • Connecting to your other devices to cast playback wirelessly.


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Pros and Cons for Mobile Devices

The Google Home app for Android allows connectivity between devices that integrates with your daily use seamlessly. I can speak the magic words, “Okay, Google,” and ask my assistant to read my newest text messages, give me the weather report, add my grocery list to my To-Do List, give me the exact distance walking from Miami airport to Walt Disney World or any other random facts I need verifying at the moment, all from the speaker that sits perfectly in front of my TV. It connects to my network and everything I need to make my professional and personal life flow easily.

Now for the drawbacks; if you’re one of those people who don’t enjoy the idea of eavesdropping, the Google Home App for android is always listening to its environment. The reason for this is because it has to be ready for your waking commands. However, it doesn’t record anything it hears, and you can change your voice commands under the Google settings. Another downside occurs if the Wi-Fi is down or lagging. If that’s the case, there might be some connectivity issues between the app and the speaker.

All in all, the ability to link devices and play them back through one source and one app is a phenomenal service and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without speaking to my google home app. As a result, everything I need to function is connected to the Google apps and devices. If you already use Google or Android, trying the home app is a convenience you might enjoy. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!


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