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  • Cricut Design Space

  • Wingstop

    Wingstop is a popular chain of restaurants that specialize in chicken wings and other comfort foods. The restaurant chain currently has more than 1,000 locations across the world, with most in the United States. Fans of the chain should also consider downloading the Wingstop mobile application to their Apple or Android device.
  • Tinder

    Tinder is a well-known online dating app that helps people to find their perfect match based on the physical attraction of each other. A member who is looking for a partner via tinder gets hooked up to the one who matches him or her perfectly within the location.
  • Smart Life - Smart Living

    Smart living is something that most are aspiring to do these days. This requires aligning almost everything in your home that it can be manipulated with just one app or device. It can get hectic because everything can get extremely technical and this makes for one big mess. So when you have started out trying to connect all of your home devices and find that you have made your life even harder, there is a need for an additional app in order to get every thing working together.
  • Samsung Members

    The Samsung Galaxy product line is famous for its user-friendly interface, its seamless integration with the Android operating system, and its innovative suite of hardware features. Like all good things, however, it's possible to make your Samsung Galaxy mobile device work even better.
  • Personality Trait Test

    The mobile app known as the Personality Trait Test is a great way to discover more about yourself than you thought you knew. It's an opportunity to learn how to unleash the real potential you have in terms of skills and life challenges. Use the app to take assessment tests to find out the underlying traits of your personality and what it means.
  • PINK Nation

    Pink nation is a free loyalty program provided by the underwear and lingerie store, Victoria’s Secret. The pink app gives you access to perks only members can receive, it also speeds up the shopping process when you use this app. There are tons of deals and special offerings inside this app.
  • myChevrolet

    Have you constantly wanted to maintain direct control of your personal car without sorely pressing the buttons in your car? With the myChevrolet App, you will turn your phone into a remote control and you will be able to always have access to your car without your physical keys.
  • Life360

    Life360: The Modern Safety Application For Your Mobile Device It's a pretty crazy world out there, and things might not be getting any safer. With rampant distractions on the road and all kinds of needless car collisions happening every minute of the day, keeping track of loved ones is a high priority on everybody's list. Not to fear, however, because there's definitely strength in numbers.
  • Jimmy John's

    Jimmy John's is a very popular and growing chain of sandwich shops with hundreds of locations all over the country. Those that are a fan of the sandwiches from Jimmy John's should also consider downloading the Jimmy John's mobile app which will provide a range of benefits and features to the user.

Showing 1–10 of 21 results