WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Mobile App Review

Losing or maintaining your weight can be quite overwhelming. Watching others do it and do it better than you can be rather intimidating as well and that is why an app that can help with the entire process is very useful. Many people start new weight loss journeys every minute of the day and they need assistance with the process. An app that combines tools for a better and healthier life mixed with motivation from other app users can help push you to your goal and keep you there. Losing weight will never quite feel as difficult when you download Weight Watchers and start tracking your progress and engaging in and the entire community of people who have the same thing on their minds.






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Weight Watchers Mobile

Having access to a program that helps with weight is huge but having an app that is used with your smart device can be just what you need to stay productive. This app works much like a social network where you can interact with friends and family who have the app as well. There are thousands of recipes that are easy to make even for beginner cookers. You can save dishes and track how much you consume daily as you follow along with the program. This app is not like the other apps and just tracks calories, leaving the rest of the journey up to you. This app helps you figure out what you need to be doing to lose weight. It identifies what you have done in the past and then motivates you towards that again.

Weight Watchers Mobile Features

There are plenty of features for this app. Below you will find a list of features you may find important:

  • Offers in-app purchases.
  • It has subscription options.
  • Available in English and 5 other languages.
  • There’s an auto subscription renewal option.

WW App Pros

Below you will find a list of some of the many pros that you will find when you download this app:

  • Offers the option to set goals and track progress.
  • It allows you to sync it to many of your fitness devices.
  • Many foods in the database in order to retrieve specific information about the choices you make.

WW App Cons

There were not many cons found in using this app, but a few are below:

  • Manually install updates.
  • There have been consistent bugs that have to be fixed.

Download Weight Watchers App

As I finished having children and approached the age of 40, nothing was working for me to lose weight. I had often seen the Weight Watchers commercials online and assumed that everyone must have been a model or paid off to be a part of the commercial telling untruths about how and why they lost their weight. It takes a lot of dedication and doing all you can do in order to see progress. It was not until I downloaded this app and signed up for my subscription that I actually began to see a change.

The change was more in my attitude in the beginning, but then it was visible in my body too. The weight began to shed off as my onlookers motivated me and even gave me tips to tone up my body. I was on the path to the me that I was looking for over the last decade. If you are trying to make some life changes that include your weight, please stop and download this app because you don’t want to waste another minute to become the new you.


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