Water Drink Reminder Mobile App Review

The Water Drink Reminder app is an excellent way to keep track of the amount of water you drink throughout the day while reminding you exactly when to drink it. The app not only helps your body hydrate, but it will also help you lose weight as consuming the correct amount of water every day will help you shed pounds quickly while remaining healthy.

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Mobile App Review for Water Drink Reminder

Once you download Water Drink Reminder you will be able to accurately track the amount of water you consume. Not only can you track your water intake, but the app reminds you when to drink a glass of water. After you download Water Drink Reminder you will be asked to enter your age, height, and weight. This helps to calculate how much water your body needs on a daily basis.

Once the amount is determined, you can then set the times when you want to drink a glass of water. To save your data, you can easily login through google so even if your app crashes, your information will always be stored under your username and password. The app is completely free to download and very easy to use as it provides you with all the necessary information you need on how much water your body needs to run properly every day. Once you start using the app and drinking the correct amount of water, you will start to notice the amazing benefits of water and this app can bring to you.


  • Set daily reminders on when to drink water.
  • Get a health evaluation of how much water you need daily.
  • Free to download and easy to use.


  • Keep logs of your water drinking schedule.
  • Backup your data with Google.
  • It helps you stay hydrated.


  • It can’t connect through social media for updates.
  • Must store data with Google to save information.

Download This Reminder App to Help You Remember How Much Water to Drink.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your water take, the Water Drink Reminder can help remind you of when to drink it and how much to consume. Not only will you receive reminders, but you will also be able to look through your logs to view how much you have been drinking weekly or monthly. This app will surely help keep you hydrated while helping you shed unwanted weight along the way. It is 100% free to download and very easy to use as all you need to do is enter your age, weight, and height after you download the app.


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