Fitbit Mobile App Review and Download

The Fitbit app for android serves its purpose for those wanting to track their health. You can use this handy app to get instant stats of what is going on with your body in a matter of minutes. For those struggling to get a hold of their weight, this app is your best choice.






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About Downloading the Fitbit App

Fitbit has become the go-to application to use when monitoring your health in terms of calories burned, sleeping habits, water intake and what you are eating daily. This information is crucial to anyone who has tried their best to lose weight and keeps failing. The application is tied to a watch one wears on a daily basis. It is stylish enough to fit with any outfit you are thinking about wearing that day. Download the Fitbit app and get notifications on daily progress and reach personal goals. You can also sign up to compete with other users for daily prizes when you have reached the group’s goals as well.

Features of Fitbit

  • Wireless syncing to all product watches
  • Real-time GPS will track all runs, hikes and long walks
  • Option to input food intake
  • Dropdown window to find different kinds of food
  • You can customize a meal plan if you are on a strict diet
  • A water intake counter helps you stay hydrated
  • Track heart rate and sleep

download fitbit app screenshot of dashboard



  • Helps anyone struggling with weight loss
  • The watch has more than one face style you can select
  • You can purchase many different watch bands
  • The app gives you training tips
  • You can engage with other Fitbit users
  • You can contact support and send instant messages
  • Receive text messages to your watch


  • Problems with pairing times to the watch
  • Clocks tend to freeze up
  • Updates may interfere with exact tracking
  • Heart rate may go away for certain exercises
  • Issues with updates
  • Text messages also may not appear
  • Hard to sync music option

The Fitbit app is great for someone who wants to get back in tune with their body, especially if they like tech as well. Most of us are clueless when it comes to knowing how to count calories, let alone understand how we burn them. Because of the Fitbit app for androids, it is easy to install and lets you monitor your health. Then, it only takes minutes to log in using your name, birth date, weight, and height. You never miss a beat as the Fitbit will track your heart rate all day even when you are sleeping. Download the Fitbit app in order to help you get a handle on your sleep routine. You might be surprised to learn how many hours you are sleeping per day. The application also gives you an outline that shows every day from Monday to Sunday.

The Fitbit app is also community-oriented among the millions of users getting in their daily exercise. When you download the Fitbit app and start browsing through the application, you can easily connect and chat with other users. Many people use this as a motivation tool to keep going with their daily workout. It’s also not hard to find training tips or links to articles on how to eat better. You can review in real-time the app’s daily chart of who has walked or exercised the most in one day. Try the Fitbit app for android and experience the new way of tracking your health.


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