Wetherspoon Mobile App Review

When you don't feel like interacting with the servers at the restaurant you're at or you want to take a little more time deciding what you want, use the services that are offered from Wetherspoon. Simply enter the food you want, and it's delivered to your table in a short time.






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About Wetherspoon

This is a different type of app that is beneficial if you don’t like waiting on servers to take your order or if you don’t know what you want right away. After you download Wetherspoon, you can make a list of your favorite restaurants or look at the restaurants that are in your area so that you know what your options are when you want to go out to eat. The Wetherspoon app shows you a list of locations that participate in the features that are offered on a map of your area. You can enter the zip code of the town where you live or the details of a city you’re visiting as there are restaurants across the country that participate.

A feature of the app is that you can read reviews of each restaurant and see their full menu. When you get to the restaurant, you’ll be able to browse through the menu and place items in your basket. A feature to consider after you download Wetherspoon is that you can place items in your basket before going. This makes the process of ordering and getting your food a bit faster. There are options to have food delivered to any table in the restaurant as well.


  • View restaurants that participate on a detailed map
  • Browse menus of all restaurants that participate before you arrive
  • Multiple methods of paying for your food
  • Order food for other customers


  • Simplifies the ordering process
  • Menus available for a variety of foods
  • Rounds can be purchased for large groups


  • Not every restaurant participates
  • Glitches when you remove items from your basket
  • Some list items aren’t the same as what you order


Overall, this is a convenient app to have if you enjoy going out to eat and know that you don’t want to spend a lot of time interacting with other people or if you know that you’re going to get multiple orders. There are options for ordering rounds of beverages as well as food depending on the restaurant you visit, and you can save your favorite orders to make it easier to receive your meal when you visit in the future.


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