Uber Eats Mobile App Review

When you want to enjoy food from a restaurant instead of cooking but don't want to leave your home to go get anything, UberEats is an option. When you download UberEats, all you need to do is find the restaurant you want, place your order, and wait for the driver to deliver your food.

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About The App

There are several restaurants available to choose from that fall in line with any budget. You can order UberEats deliveries from fast-food restaurants or those that serve steak dinners. After placing your order, you can track where the driver is until the driver arrives at your home or office. There’s an option to browse restaurants in the area depending on the type of food and its price range. You can also add restaurants to a list of favorites if there are a few that you enjoy getting meals from more than others. Food options include pasta dishes, pizza, hamburgers, desserts, and more so that your craving is satisfied without walking out the door.

When you order UberEats deliveries, you can view menus that you would see if you were to physically go to each restaurant. Add items to your cart by clicking on what you want, and then you use your debit or credit card to pay for those items. A delivery fee is usually added as well, but there are sometimes promotions for free delivery if you download UberEats for the first time or if you have a promo code. Once you have paid for your food, there are a few choices of getting your meal. The most popular option is having someone else deliver it to your house. A tip can be added to your cart for the delivery driver.

Another option is to order food at a later time when it’s convenient for you. You can also place an order for pick up to get your food on the way home from work. Most restaurants have an area where you’ll park and wait for someone to bring your food out to your car. One of the conveniences of UberEats is that you can see a map of your area and where the delivery driver is located as well as an estimate of when you’ll receive your order.


  • Choose from a list of restaurants
  • Order is delivery or pick up for food options
  • View where the driver is located on a map


  • Fast delivery
  • Accepts most debit and credit cards
  • Discounts are often available for food and fees


  • Items are sometimes missing from orders
  • Manual updates to addresses are necessary


If you enjoy going out to eat or you don’t want to cook one night, then this is an app that you want to download. From burgers to seafood dishes, you can choose almost anything you want to eat and have it delivered right to your door. You also have the option of ordering and picking up your food when it’s convenient for you.


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