Tasty Mobile App Review

Tasty is an app that gives you thousands of recipes and step by step instructions on how to cook these meals. Downloading the tasty app is like getting a mobile cookbook for free. The Tasty app provides tons of features that give you the tools you need to be your own personal chef.






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Tasty Mobile App

The tasty app has a discover tab that lists all of the tasty recipes that are trending on their website, popular for the week, as well as much more. These tabs provide you with the most popular and most requested recipes in the app. The “guides” tab is a list of recipes that are voted on by the users. These recipes have step by step tools on how to cook these meals. They consist of meals to take to lunch, dinners to make on the go, as well as simple snacks for munch time. These meals are healthy and very filling to the average person.

With the ”my list” section, they give you the option to select the different recipes they have available. After you select which one you like, they will take the ingredients that you need and place them in a Walmart Grocery Pickup basket. This is very convenient for you because it keeps you from having to make a list of groceries. All you have to do is pick them up when it’s ready. After you have created a tasty account, you will be granted access to use the “my bag” and “my recipes” feature. These features allow you to save items in your Walmart shopping cart, as well as saving your favorite receipts in the app.

Features of the App

  • Discovery Tab and also a Guides Tab
  • My List, My Bag, as well as My Recipes
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Step by Step Instructions on Recipes
  • Walmart Pickup Partnership


  • Easy Access to Multiple Recipes
  • Easy to Understand Tutorial Videos
  • Step by Step Recipe Instructions
  • Walmart Pickup
  • Vegan or Non-Vegan Options
  • Holiday Themed as well as Family-Friendly Recipes
  • Very Colorful & Creative App


  • Automatically Logged Out
  • Small Variety of Food Choice
  • Not a Lot of Meat Options
  • Too Many Ads
  • Drains Battery
  • Can’t Favorite all Videos
  • Recipes Getting Deleted
  • Video Glitches

As you can see, this app is an amazing tool to use when looking for different recipes to cook from. I would recommend that you download tasty on your device, especially if you love to cook or simply just love food. This app gives you tasty recipes, and also the step by step instructions on how to cook these meals. This makes it especially easy for any and everyone to pick up the ingredients and start cooking. This app is very user-friendly, from the videos to the instructions, to the pictures, and descriptions. With this app, you can prepare recipes for a party, your family, or even yourself. Head to the app store today, then download Tasty and start cooking today.


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