Mealime Mobile App Review

Take the stress out of planning your meals during the week by using the Mealime app. You can create meals using any ingredient and also get tips about what to prepare with the foods you have in your home. Your grocery lists can also be made for the week or the month.






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About the Mealime App

Whether you live alone or you’re trying to prepare a meal for your entire family full of picky eaters, you can download Mealime and take away a bit of the difficulty associated with planning. You can customize the meals that you prepare, adding and changing ingredients that are already available with each recipe. After deciding what you’re going to make, you can make a grocery list for your next visit to the store.

A benefit of the Mealime app is that you can save your lists and recipes to your mobile device instead of always opening the app. You can save favorite meals that you enjoy making or save meals for special events, such as holidays. Each grocery list that you make can be organized into different food categories so that you can better find each item in the store. Images are included with each recipe that is available. You’ll be able to see some of the most popular meal ideas that have been submitted by other people who use the app. After you download Mealime, you can create meals that are customized for special diets including low-carb and diabetic meals.

Features of the App

  • Meal ideas to make in less than 30 minutes
  • Suggestions based on meals you’ve prepared
  • Recipes for various diets


  • Simple lists to make
  • Sort foods and recipes into what you like and don’t like
  • Adjust the details of each meal to suit your desires


  • Doesn’t have a calendar
  • Have to sort out when you prepare your meals


If you’re too busy to plan meals for your family, then this is an app that is beneficial. It offers a way for you to examine the ingredients your family enjoys so that you get a few meal suggestions that they might like to eat during the week. There are also grocery lists that you can make that take each ingredient from the meals you select so that you don’t have to try to plan ahead. Share recipes with other people, and view some of the best recipes that others have posted on the app. Make notes about the details you want to change with each recipe as well as how they tasted. This will help you improve your meals for yourself or your family down the road.


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