Zomato Mobile App Review

Have you ever had one of those situations where you plan to eat out or pick up food on the way home and really can’t decide what? The Zomato app can actually give you all the information you would want and make it easier to decide where to eat.






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Decisions, Decisions, Zomato Time!

The Zomato app is an application to help solve one of our toughest decisions each day, “What’s for dinner?” If you are like me, you enjoy trying new places, but you really hate not knowing reviews beforehand and wasting your time and money in a place you did not like. Those days are over with. Download Zomato and you can solve that problem forever. Zomato restaurants have handy reviews from other customers, menus available to look over, phone numbers, addresses, the ability to book a table or put in an order for taking out. Delivery is available in select areas only.

The newest update has a thematic selection if you are looking for a special date spot, the best burgers or want to visit the trendiest restaurant, cafe, bar or Pub. You can select the location area you are in, the type of cuisine you are in the mood for or just search the name of the restaurant you want to find. When you use the search filters, you are able to find the restaurants that suit you the best. When your friends or family use the Zomato app, you can read what they have enjoyed or not, or see where they are eating.

All The Hype Is Here

Every app has features, we know that; but how many actually have more than what you expect? Zomato is one of the only apps that give you so much more. Not only do you have the basic features of menus, addresses, and reviews, now Zomato also has given you a way to journalize the visit you had at any of the Zomato restaurants. Other features include:

  • Find original shows
  • Sneak peek of movies
  • Recipes to try out and share
  • Different membership levels available

Seriously, you get so much information in one app, it is almost too good to be real. You will locate, review, share and enjoy any place you choose when using this app, based on the search filters.

The Good and The Better


  • The app is very useful
  • Improved food ordering
  • Many amazing extras as well as offers


  • Although necessary, the app asks for too many permissions
  • Difficult in order to get a response from customer service
  • Counterintuitive

No more struggle to decide on a place to eat or order from. When you download the Zomato app, you get all the information at your fingertips. Use the ‘Dine Line’ to document your visit, and you will know if you enjoyed the choice you made. This app is easy to use, very useful and includes everything to decide what and where to eat tonight. Go ahead find your favorites or locate the next big restaurant to share with others by writing a review.


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