TD Bank (US) Mobile App Review

Using the TD bank app makes on-line banking easy for customers everywhere. You can manage accounts, deposit checks, transfer money and have access to your accounts seven days a week. The app is available for mobile phones and tablets. This app has a fast download and installation time. You can download TD bank app from Google Play or Amazon for free.

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Important Services Available With TD Mobile Banking App

Logging in with the app is secure. After you install the app on your phone, you’ll then log on with your created user-name with your password. Pay all your monthly bills or set up automated payments with BillPay in settings. You can sign up to have email alerts or text messages notify you of any unauthorized activity on your accounts. Being able to send money to family or friends during the weekend is a huge advantage of going mobile.

Make deposits into your accounts with ease using TD mobile banking. TD records the images for your extra convenience. You can add your TD Visa card to TD Digital Wallet to avoid the chances of losing a banking card. Use Wallet to pay all your expenses at any business that accepts online payment methods.

Additional App Features

  • The TD bank app uses 128-bit encryption in order to have more customer security.
  • Uses popular web browsers.
  • The app can be used seven days a week for mobile banking.
  • Transfer funds from one account to another.

Pros Of The TD Mobile Banking App

  • Schedule and also pay bills with automatic monthly withdrawals.
  • Locate the nearest ATMs quickly.
  • Leaves no paper trail because service is used over the phone.
  • Ease of use.
  • Pay at businesses using Mobile Wallet on the phone.
  • Make deposits easy with TD taking images of endorsed checks for you.
  • Access account anytime as well as anywhere.
  • The mobile account is free.
  • Alerted of suspicious activity with accounts.
  • Online banking offers a higher interest on savings.
  • No need to carry credit cards with TD Wallet.
  • Transfer funds from one account to another.

Cons Of The TD Mobile Banking App

Only a few known issues were noticeable when using the app.

  • App has been known to freeze or crash.
  • Needs updating.
  • Slow login reported while using the app.

Reasons for App Installation

Customers claim saving time with the TD bank app is an especially important concern for them. The convenience of access to online banking allows them to manage their accounts seven days a week. It’s also easy for customers to use the app once they download the TD Bank app. TD customers will appreciate all the features available with the app to handle their financial responsibilities.


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