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  • Zelle

    A Different Kind Of Mobile Payment App Zell is one of the lesser-known finance apps on the market today, but the app is currently processing over 200 million transactions per year. Unlike other finance apps, this app is used directly by some of the world's largest banks to help make paying bills straight from your bank account much more straightforward.
  • Yahoo Finance

    Staying on top of the business world is very important for all people. When you are aware of what is going on the world of finance, you will also be able to make sound investment choices and decisions. One mobile app that can help you to do this is the Yahoo Finance app, which is available for your Apple or Android phone or tablet.
  • Western Union US

    Do you need a mobile app that will aid in sending fast and reliable money transfer whenever you need to? Well, Western Union has come up with its own app where you can make instant money transfer through your phone. For this review, I will share some considerable details about the WesternUnion App.
  • Wells Fargo Mobile

    The Wells Fargo app has been available for almost a decade. It has served customers well that need quick banking solutions through the convenience of their mobile phones. You can download Wells Fargo app for free at Google Play and Amazon.
  • TurboTax

    Turbo Tax makes the perfect option for filing taxes regardless of complexity. Now, filing taxes is even easier with the Turbotax mobile app. Here is an in-depth look at the Turbotax mobile app and if it is worth using.
  • TD Bank (US)

    Using the TD bank app makes on-line banking easy for customers everywhere. You can manage accounts, deposit checks, transfer money and have access to your accounts seven days a week. The app is available for mobile phones and tablets. This app has a fast download and installation time. You can download TD bank app from Google Play or Amazon for free.
  • State Farm

    The State Farm Insurance app is the convenient way to handle your insurance and banking accounts, file and track claims, contact roadside assistance if needed, and much more while you're on the go.
  • Robinhood

    The Robinhood app is one of the newest invest apps on the market, and it's taken the financial world by storm. This app aims to disrupt the traditional brokerage model by empowering you, the user, to buy and sell your favorite stocks without paying a commission on each transaction. The app's primary source of revenue is earning interest on the money that you hold in your account, but the apppaysyou interest too.
  • Progressive

    Most states have laws, rules, and regulations making insurance mandatory for many reasons. Insurance is meant to cover us, as well as someone else that may become involved in an event that happens. For instance, insurance can cover another person's car that you hit. It may also cover a person that is injured while in the car with you as you have an accident. There is also home insurance that is needed and mandatory in some states. This form of insurance is meant to cover our assets in a home or the home itself. It is not difficult to see why insurance is needed and because of that, there is a distinct need to be able to access all types of features related to the buying and selling of a policy. Download Progressive to find a policy that will take care of all of your insurance needs.
  • PayPal

    The Paypal app offers a convenient and secure way to shop, pay bills and send money to family and friends all across the United States. It is user-friendly, easy to navigate and free to use 24/7.

Showing 1–10 of 31 results