Ticketmaster Mobile App Review

Ticketmaster is an app for mobile that allows you to get tickets from places like the NFL ticket exchange. Here's some information on the app so you can decide whether you want to download Ticketmaster.






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A Full Description of Ticketmaster

This app gives you the full ability to access whatever tickets you want. This includes tickets to NHL, NBA, NFL, and USTA games. The app also makes it so that you can find tickets for all sorts of events regardless of rarity. You can find broadway events here, a huge variety of different bands, touring theater groups, and just about anything else that you can think of in general.

The app also makes it so that you don’t have to print out any ticket. You can simply just bring the phone with your app on it to the event, bring up the ticket, and have the people there scan it. Getting in with the ticket is that easy. Plus, you can even just sell the tickets back through the app if something comes up. That way, you won’t just be out of luck. The app can do many other things as well for helping you keep organized with your tickets.

App Features

Some of the features the app has includes the following;

  • Notifications for Events – You can set the app to tell you when certain events are happening. Then, when the event happens, you can buy it right through the app most of the time. That way you don’t miss anything.
  • Ticket Verification – Fake tickets are a problem, but this app can help you stay safe.
  • Preview – There’s the option to check out a venue for an event ahead of time, complete with a three-dimensional map so you can see what it would be like to sit in a certain seat.

Pros and Cons

This app is one of the most popular for getting tickets on the NFL ticket exchange and beyond for many compelling reasons, but it definitely has its specialties and things it’s a bit weak at, like selling.


  • Safe Buying – The “verification” system means that you will always get the actual seat that you bought. There’s a 100% guarantee backing this to help you avoid fraud from sellers.
  • Free Family Transfer – You can transfer your tickets to a friend or family member without any additional charge, easily and electronically.
  • Huge Number of Offerings – This service has just about everything, and you can search through millions of different tickets.


  • Selling – Other apps are more effective than Ticketmaster when it comes to selling your tickets. Yes, you can use the app for that purpose, but it has limitations here. For example, generally speaking, you’re only allowed to sell at specific events. In other words, you can’t sell just anything. Plus, you can only sell a ticket if you bought the ticket through the app. If you bought it somewhere else, then you’re out of luck.

Why You Should Download Ticketmaster Today

It’s hard to imagine an easier way to get the tickets that you want instantly than through this app. It’s convenient and safe. Download today so that you never miss an event again.


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