StubHub Mobile App Review

Stubhub is a service that allows you to order just about any ticket you want right through a mobile app. There are millions of tickets available through the app, and it's a convenient way to get the tickets you want in your hands through the Stubhub app.






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Full Description of the StubHub App

No matter what kind of tickets you want, if you download Stubhub, you have a good chance of finding them. There are more than 10 million tickets available through the app, and they include shows for the theater, live sports like baseball, football, basketball, as well as concerts and just about any other event you can think of that would require a ticket. The app has won awards in places in Newsweek for getting you the service that you need.

It also has quite a range of options like not needing to print tickets, paying with various options, recommendations, connecting with your friends, viewing with many different devices, and many other options. For example, you have the option to see virtually what it might look like in the place where you’re going if you were standing your seat. This is a great way to decide what seat you want while you’re perusing the app, for example.


  • Device Compatibility – The app has some modern compatibilities such as allowing you to use it through smartwatches like the Google devices that can do this. This can be super convenient for locating your shows, doublechecking the status of your tickets, and other possibilities.
  • Find Events – There’s an option to locate new events right from the app. It actually can pair up with your other accounts like Spotify, or just what music you have on your phone. It also uses whatever other info you feed it about what you like to propose events that are happening nearby. There’s also the option to connect up with your friends to see what events they are visiting.
  • Offload Tickets – If you find out that you can’t go to an event, you can sell them right through the app. You can also scan barcodes to help sell tickets.

Pros & Cons

This app is one of the best for buying tickets, but take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Clear Pricing – The service and pricing is very transparent and upfront about it.
  • Customer Service – This service has won awards for customer service.
  • No Printing Needed – You can bring up your ticket right on your phone so that the person scanning tickets at the door can verify your ticket this way.


  • Extra Fees – You won’t ever be surprised by these fees really, but they will be there. Fees like a service charge and others will frequently be added to the cost of your ticket.
  • Returns – The Stubhub service is known for not being especially fantastic about letting you return tickets. This policy could always change, however, so it’s important to pay attention to it.

Why Should I Download Stubhub?

It’s hard to argue with all of the awards the app has won, and the sheer number of potential events, which tend to number 10 million or more. In general, it’s an excellent way to find what you want.


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