YouTube Kids Mobile App Review

There’s nothing like children having their own programming. YouTube kids offer them just that with fun-filled shows and learning experiences that they can watch for as long as you allow them. Our children need content that will stimulate their minds and also allow them to be who they are.

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Description Of The App

The YouTube Kids app is similar to the regular app, but most of its content is geared towards children. It offers a breakdown of the age group for the appropriate age group that your child is in. Your child can learn so many different things geared for their time and also watch some of their regular shows from other family channels such as Disney that may show up on the app from time to time. What YouTube is offering isn’t just all cartoons for entertainment but the good quality shows with learning experiences that children should be engaged in. You want your child to learn as much as possible, and you get to pick out the content that right for them to see.

With the YouTube kids app, your child can learn to do some creative projects such as building volcanos and other things as it pertains to science. There is no shortage of learning activities that are just plain fun. Plus, you as the parent can explore the app for things you don’t want your child to watch just yet. You will find tools available that will help you monitor your child’s time on this app.

The Features

There are lots of features on the app that come in handy, especially to the parent who wants to safeguard their child from watching some of the content that may not be good for their child right now. Of course, there are some good things other than what’s available for the parent as well. This is what’s included:

  • Parental Controls
  • Time limit setting
  • Blocking ability
  • Reporting bad content alert
  • Content setup for age ranges

When your child watches YouTube kids, they are exploring how things work as well as being entertained. Every child can benefit from having watched this channel on a device or mobile app where they can learn without distraction.

The Pros And The Cons

When you download YouTube kids, there are going to be some wonderful things you love about the app and some issues you are going to have with it. However, you will find that the goodwill always outweigh the bad when it comes to children’s programming. This list includes:


  • The app is free to use
  • You decide what your child will watch and for how long
  • You can block shows that you don’t want them to see
  • Some of their favorite cartoons from major networks will be on there
  • Some unique learning opportunities are available to your child


  • Inappropriate content does occasionally slip through
  • There are plenty of commercials interrupting the show but that makes the app free

Downloading The App

You should download YouTube kids so that your child can have fun watching safe and enriched content for their age. There is plenty for them to look at and learn for their benefit. This is just for them, and it’s about time.


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