Watch TNT Mobile App Review

Watch TNT is a app that allows you to watch all of TNT's movies, full episodes, and live sports from the convenience of your phone. With this app you can watch at anytime and from anywhere, whether its Apple TV, your iPad, or your iPhone. You can also watch live NBA games on this app.

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Watch TNT App Description

Once you download Watch TNT, you will have access to hundreds and thousands of TV episodes. Inside the home app there are different featured shows such as Wrestling, Chasing the Cure, Snow Piercer, and the movie San Andreas. Some of these shows are brand new and others are older but very popular. They also have featured TV episodes, popular movies, TNT originals, trailers, sports and so much more. The TV episodes can be old or new but they are still streamed on this app. The popular movies that are shown on this app are some of the best movies that have been recently released.

The TNT originals are shows that were originally aired on TNT. These originals consist of, Animal Kingdom, Claws, All Elite Wrestling, The Last Ship, etc. The most popular part of this app is the live show features. Here you can watch live shows from anywhere you have service. These live shows will only be available if you have a cable provider, and are able to sign in. Otherwise, you will get a 10-minute preview only. Sports is another big thing that is very popular on The Watch TNT app.

Features of this App

  • Steaming Live Tv Shows & Movies
  • Watching TNT From Anywhere
  • Watching NBA Basketball
  • In-App Push Notification
  • TNT Originals
  • Trailers For Upcoming Moves & Shows


  • TNT Originals
  • Watching Live NBA Basketball
  • Ability to Watch from anywhere
  • In-App Push Notifications
  • Good Trailers
  • Exciting & Also Intense Content
  • Ability to Watch High-Quality Movies
  • Simply Sign In with TV Subscription



  • Difficult to Function the App
  • Having to Have a Cable Subscription Before You Gain All Access
  • Not Kid Friendly
  • Older Quality Features
  • Too Many Ads
  • Problems Loading as well as Functioning Correctly
  • Has Too Many Bugs
  • App Constantly Crashing


As you can see, the Watch TNT app is a very good and convenient app you use when you want to watch TNT. I would recommend you download Watch TNT if this is a channel that you normally watch. With this app, you can watch movies, originals, TV shows, and live shows, all from the touch of your device. This app gives you the flexibility to watch TNT whenever and wherever you like. This app doesn’t require a cable subscription but if you want to get the most out of this app, you’re going to need a cable subscription so you can sign in and gain access to all of this app’s features.


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