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Chances are that if you've played video games, you've likely played one from Ubisoft. The development company is on the cutting edge of technology and has taken another step to bring the gaming community another advancement.

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Download The Ubisoft Club App

Being a gamer is even better when it comes to perks. The Ubisoft club mobile app offers loyal Ubisoft game players a way to earn rewards while engaging with their favorite pastime. Gamers who download the Ubisoft Club app have the opportunity to play in weekly challenges to earn units. App users then apply those units to in-game purchases and rewards or as a discount for merchandise or for games. Challenges also include special holiday challenges and community challenges where whoever participates earns the reward once the challenge has been completed.

Perks of Playing While Using the Ubisoft Club app

Here are a few of the best features you get from playing with the app:

  • Rewards can carry across multiple games in the Ubisoft Universe
  • Rewards for completing weekly challenges earn units for users to spend
  • Earn both In-game and Out-of-game rewards
  • Sam is your in-app assistant, there to answer your questions
  • Become a star player and receive invitations to events around the world like E3, PAX, and Gamescom
  • Redeem the units you’ve earned and choose one of the over 800 rewards



  • SAM the AI in-game assistant notifies you of upcoming challenges and activities that may be significant to your gamer profile
  • There are free rewards offered in the app that don’t require using the units you’ve earned
  • The app works across multiple games and devices by simply logging in
  • Keep track of your game process and upcoming releases from the developer
  • Exclusive rewards can be unlocked instantly



  • You may run into some connectivity issues with the app, but check your Wi-Fi settings
  • Logging in across different devices can cause some glitching
  • The units earned in the app expire, but you have at least 2 years to use them

Downloading Ubisoft Club Comes in Handy

Playing your favorite games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division, Rainbow Six Seige, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell doesn’t have to stop when you put the controller down. Track the progress of your games while earning rewards for completing challenges in the Ubisoft Club app. Earn amazing perks for those hours you put in. Download the app today.


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