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Celebrity news is a thought I would never see as being a priority in life, but here we are today waiting to hear the latest gossip and breaking news as it relates to celebrities, their families, and extended families. The media makes billions of dollars just because people want to watch another person live their life no matter how rich and annoying. Over the years, social media platforms have made spying much simpler, but we can see that the intense focus has steadily increased. We buy a tabloid paper to hear about the fights and arguments spouses have over something as simple as a pair of shoes or something as large as an affair. You have to admit that this gossip does get juicy and especially with apps that have checked their sources and are reporting facts right in alongside of the drama. Download to start engulfing yourself with the latest stories about your favorite celebrities.






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TMZ News

TMZ News offers great content that is trending. This app makes it easy to find what you are looking for or it makes available to you topics that you have begun to search. This application also offers videos that keep you abreast of what is in the world. These videos bring the readings to life and will allow you to better understand what is trying to be communicated in a writing portion of the app. You will find hours of reading new and unique content to be relaxing and a way to end your day. You will find fresh and complete content that you may choose to read in order to start your day. This app also has a message center that can be used for communication about content or to communicate in a space that is very similar to social media sites.

TMZ App Features

This app has many features that you can access after a download. A list has been made below for you to look over:

  • Available in English.
  • Uses 79.3 MB of space.
  • Allows for a pop-up blocker to be functional.
  • Offers 24/7 exclusives.
  • Search abilities that can help filter unwanted material.

TMZ App Pros

This app has many pros to use and a few have been highlighted in the list below:

  • Usually breaks news more quickly than other celebrity news apps.
  • It allows you to be able to access the content on most smartphones.
  • There are links and quotes from current as well as past celebrities that often show their social media presence.

TMZ App Cons

There were very few cons listed to this app besides the complaint that it crashes often and requires a larger amount of manual updates to fix bugs in the system.

Download TMZ

I am completely content with having the latest celebrity news accessible at any time. This has made my searching time decrease dramatically. I no longer have to wait until someone tells me tidbits of information and then jumping on the internet and trying to search out the information. This proves to be a very daunting task for as long as I can remember. Now I can save time by just logging onto the app or wait for updates to come straight to my phone and eliminate much of the excess irrelevant data. Download TMZ and stay in “the know.”


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