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Boasting access to all 5 major American television networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and CW) as well as the Public Access channels, (PBS, SPAN) Spectrum TV now offers a free application to its customers. The Spectrum TV app does more than stream live or on-demand television. Conversely, if the sole purpose of the Spectrum TV app for android was to provide mobile network streaming, it succeeded.

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Abut the Spectrum TV App Download

The Spectrum TV app download for mobile devices is Poised to offer over 40,000 on demand T.V. shows and movies on any mobile device make this apps user experience easy-to-use and accommodating.

Features of Spectrum TV

  • Send to TV app button- Send LIVE or On-Demand TV shows directly to any of your cable boxes with just a click of a button.
  • Mobile DVR Control- They did not make the app with ONLY the ability to watch live or on-demand TV, but also the capability to adjust your DVR settings from your phone.
  • Only 3 Steps to Streaming- To start enjoying your mobile streaming option simply confirm your unique Spectrum login, download the free Spectrum TV App, and launch the user-friendly TV app.
  • Public Access and Educational Channels- Taking Sesame Street and other PBS shows on your family road trip is now easier than ever.


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Pros & Cons of the Spectrum TV App Download

The days of boredom while traveling to and fro a destination no longer have to be. Likewise, use the time waiting for your morning coffee to catch a live stream on the current news. In like fashion, add leisure to your down-time at work while enjoying your lunchtime sitcom. All big Pros when it comes to free mobile streaming. Some Cons have been noticed with this application, most notably when it comes to the issue of freezing. At times, this app freezes causing one to simply restart the application. Not so good in the middle of the 4th quarter of the football game. However, I’m sure this bug will get fixed in no time.

Today, with many mobile streaming applications available for the savvy consumer, Spectrum stands out above the rest. As mentioned above, the sheer volume of streaming channels and on-demand videos makes this application unique. To make the matter even better, notice that this app is available as the Spectrum TV app for android. However, the Spectrum TV app for download also is available through the App Store. Interestingly, devices such as the ROKU, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire-Stick, and Xbox One are all capable of tapping into this app. Spectrum TV is keeping a strong pulse on the consumer wants of today’s television viewer. Enhancing user experience across devices is the ultimate aim. If you are a Spectrum TV customer, give the app a try today.

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