Dish Anywhere Mobile App Review and Download

The DISH Anywhere app expands access to DISH Network subscriptions. Literally, go "anywhere" and load the app on a compatible device. Then, watch live and recorded content without any troubles. The app comes with no additional costs.

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About the Dish Anywhere Download

Why find yourself unable to watch your favorite TV shows and movies while on the go? Thanks to the DISH Anywhere download mobile app, tapping on a smartphone or other compatible device allows access to preferred entertainment, information, and sports programming. Can’t you do that with pre-recorded content already? Yes, but DISH Anywhere expands service to include live satellite TV.

The app, of course, works with the DISH network. If you subscribe to DISH, then you can use the convenient app to view channels while commuting, working out, going to the beach, or, basically, anywhere.

The download is entirely free. No one has to worry about paying extra just to access the app.

Besides live streaming, the app works with the DISH Network’s DVR management system. Record movies, TV shows, and other programs and watch them later. One-touch recording streamlines the ability to add files to the DVR library.

A DISH Anywhere download takes virtually no effort. Go to Google Play, Amazon, or iTunes to access your DISH Anywhere download for free.

Features of the App

  • Works in conjunction with the DISH Hopper HD DVR to provide offline and live-streaming content.
  • Offers a Program Guide so users can check out what is currently streaming live.
  • One-touch DVR recording expands the ease of use for the DISH Anywhere free app.

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  • The device works fine with smartphones and tablets. Installing the app on more than one device is an option.
  • The app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Most users won’t find themselves excluded due to their choice of device and OS.
  • DVR management lets users add and delete content without much effort. No burdensome steps required.


  • The app is exclusive to the DISH Network, which is understandable since it is a DISH product. Anyone looking for programming outside of a DISH package would need a different app.
  • Internet connection an internet connection necessary. Viewing offline is a promoted feature, but the DISH Anywhere free app requires an internet signal to run. Additional programs are required to use the device without an internet connection.
  • Must connect to the Sling-powered Hopper HD DVR to work.

Why Install the App?

If you are paying for a DISH Network subscription, taking advantage of the DISH Anywhere app ensures you maximize the value. Why cut yourself off from the subscription when this app expands use to anywhere? Easy-to-use features and capabilities make it easy to use the app, so you don’t need to be a “techie” to run it.


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