Direct TV Mobile App Review and Download

The Direct TV Now the mobile app is an extension of the regular service you might have with DIRECTV. You can now watch all of your favorite shows from a list of channels through any device such as an android phone or tablet. It gives you more entertainment content with one tap of a button.

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About the Direct TV Download

The direct tv download mobile app is capable of giving users live TV and recording of their shows. It’s clever in how it has the opportunity to keep you abreast of your beloved content you might view on a daily basis. The application incorporates the On-Demand service and you can still schedule any show to a DVR you want. You are free from adding any extra equipment to make this possible. Further, you are not charged extra for this feature. For those who are with AT&T, you get data free of expense while you enjoy steaming.

Features of the Mobile App

  • View a list of movies or shows whether they are On Demand or its live television
  • Users can record all shows and films, no matter where they are located
  • The recording can be extended so you never miss important parts of your content
  • You can play, pause or even rewind from your mobile tablet or phone
  • Parental controls to monitor children viewing of content
  • Android phones only and needs to have OS 5.0 and above
  • DVR Streaming that’s compatible with the mobile app
direct tv download mobile channel list

Pros of the App

  • Capable of streaming content from a smartphone to the T.V
  • Access to thousands of movies and shows right from a phone
  • DVR can be set to record from the mobile app
  • The app has all the popular shows
  • You can watch with friends and family from across the country
  • A great alternative to regular cable

Cons of the App

  • Shows have a tendency to freeze
  • If you receive a call during viewing, the show will stop
  • Video quality not as good
  • Tech support hard to reach for problems
  • Downloads of shows often don’t appear
  • Buffering of shows take a while

The direct tv now the app is great for anyone who loves to watch entertainment content. The direct tv app works in sync with its regular product known to many as DIRECTV. It’s capable of letting family members watch the same show together without being in the same location. Users will find the On-Demand feature is still available on the direct tv app. You can record all shows of your interest and extend for the additional time you might need to catch all minutes of a show. Especially because it’s free of charge, there are several other reasons why you should download this useful application.

When you get the direct tv download, you will see how simple it is to turn on parental control features for children viewing habits. Keep in mind, the direct tv app is only available for android phone users who have software updates to 5.0 and more. Further, you must have a registration with a residential account to use the DIRECTV when using a mobile tablet. Make sure you have a strong wireless connection that is at least 3 or 4G. With the direct tv free download, never miss any show you want to record or watch, regardless of your location. Get the direct tv download to start streaming your favorite content of entertainment.


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