TED Mobile App Review

The Ted Talks app is the perfect companion to the famous series of talks online. It received the Editor's Choice for a reason. There are thousands of talks accessible through the app where you can learn about just about any topic that you want.






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TED Description

The TED Talks app features over 3000 talks from the TED library. You can download any video you want to watch it at your leisure even if you don’t have an Internet connection. There’s also the option to find playlists recommended for your viewing pleasure as well. Plus, if you want to save space, there’s the option to listen only to the audio. Those who download TED will find the usual features from an app of this kind, such as building your own playlists, playing on any device that you choose, or even switching over to videos from Brightline Initiative which includes videos specifically about business, since they are partners with TED.

There’s even a podcast for the service that you can access through the app instead if you prefer to do it that way. The title for this is the Radio Hour podcast, which features a collaboration with NPR. There’s the “Sincerely, X,” Podcast with related topics as well.

App Features

  • 3000 Talks Available-You an watch whatever you want from the entire Talks library. Plus, if you don’t speak English very well, there are more than a hundred languages with subtitles available to help you out.
  • Custom Playlists-The The app can create playlists custom-fitted to however much time you happen to have at the moment.
  • Curated Playlists-Interested in one particular topic? No problem, you can check out playlists that have been created just for that topic.
  • Bookmarking-If you like a particular video, but you don’t have time to watch it right now, you can bookmark it through the app in order to save it for later.

App Pros

  • Offline Play-For no extra cost, download videos or audio versions of talks to watch them whenever you want.
  • Extra Content from Partnerships-Brightline Initiative and NPR have done partnerships with the app to bring extra content like the Radio Hour podcast or special business videos.
  • Compatibility-You can connect through Android TV or Comcast to watch videos on the app right through your big TV.

App Cons

  • Equipment Glitches-Some users report trouble with rewinding or fast-forwarding, or trouble with playback on Chromecast.

Why Should I Download This App?

This app gives you access to all your favorite videos from the channel, which lets you learn wherever you are. This particular channel is lauded as being one of the greatest ways to learn about just about anything online. There have been talks about magic, about responding to Internet scammers, juggling, computer programming, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for entertainment or want to learn, TED has what you need today!


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