STEM Kids Mobile App Review

The STEM fields, defined as the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, are now more critical for students to learn than ever. If you ever sit there and wonder how the internet works or how the planets rotate around the sun, then the STEM Kids app is for you.






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A Science Classroom On Your Smartphone: Welcome To STEM Kids

STEM Kids makes learning these fields as entertaining as watching your favorite television program, and the app is designed to complement your school lesson plans so that you ace your tests with ease. If you’re curious about a topic in science or technology, the odds are that it’s inside of the STEM Kids app. Regardless of your learning preference, STEM Kids delivers your lessons in a variety of media formats.

It’s free for you to download STEM Kids, and this app is available for both your smartphone and your tablet.


  • Detailed Subjects Across All Of The STEM Fields – From insects to planets and everything in between, this app wants to teach you everything there is to know about the universe. The technology section is especially relevant for a mobile app, as you can actually use the content inside of this app to learn how the app itself works.
  • Educational Illustrations – If you learn visually, then this app is for you. The detailed pictures next to each area of text make it easy to translate what you are reading into an image to remember.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning – This app is fully compatible with inquiry-based learning curricula. You can learn about the STEM fields through an innovative Q&A format so you can see how each subject applies specifically to you.


  • This app addresses a crucial area of education for children around the world. As a student, learning about the STEM fields can serve as an excellent foundation for studies in all areas.
  • The app has an engaging graphic interface, and the articles are well-written.
  • Several articles in the app were written using the Socratic method. This can help you apply the information in this app to real-world situations you encounter daily. For example, there is an article on the internet titled “How Does The Internet Work?” Rather than just giving you boring and dry definitions when it comes to important STEM terms, this app helps pique your curiosity about areas of study that you may not have encountered before.


  • If you’re new to any STEM fields, you may not have encountered some of the terms in the app before. This can create confusion, and you may feel slightly lost when it comes to using the app.
  • The content in this app can be stimulating, but it can also be quite challenging. Therefore, you need to be patient with yourself when you are using this app to learn new things.
  • If you are a parent and you are considering this app to help your child in school, you may find that it takes a considerable amount of effort to figure out how to use this effectively. The app has a lot of content and needs to be organized logically. It’s recommended that the content aligns with the lessons that your child is currently learning in school.


Whether you are a student or a parent, being comfortable with the STEM fields is a must in today’s world. There is no better way to learn about these fields than through an easy and fun process. Whether you want to download STEM Kids for your child or yourself, this app is certainly worth a try.


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