Drops: Language Learning Mobile App Review

When you travel abroad, it pays to be understood. Drops Language Learning is a free app to help you learn languages on the go with your Android or iOS mobile device. Should you download drops? This review will help you decide.






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An Inside Look at Drops Language Learning App

Drops Language Learning makes learning languages fun for kids and adults with over 30 languages available including Japanese, Chinese(Mandarin and Cantonese), French, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and French. It also includes languages not frequently taught, such as Punjabi and Icelandic. It can be downloaded free from the Apple or Google store. After you download and install the program, you click “Start” to get a list of categories. You learn the language in small five minute chunks that display 120 words in various categories.

Instead of the usual boring flashcards of most apps, this one displays the pictures that represent the word are displayed in white on a colored background. There are four levels of play: Newcomer, Novice, Tourist, and Conversationalist, but you can change the difficulty level from beginner to intermediate. The reason for the name is you drag and drop the word bubble on the persons head, or drag it to the top if you already know it. You also hear the audio version and can switch languages at any time.

Features of the App

  • Includes 35 Languages
  • Introductory Tutorial
  • Several Word Categories
  • Progress Tracker


  • Teaches language through word and picture association
  • Kids can learn without adult help
  • Paid and free versions for Android and iOS
  • High-quality drawings and audio
  • Pass words you already know
  • Using the keyboard is not necessary
  • Offers simple and rare vocabulary
  • Options to turn off sound and prevent phone vibration
  • Extended minutes for rating game or sharing it


  • Subscription required to unlock certain features
  • Limited to 5-minute sessions on free version
  • Pop-up ads on the free version
  • Only focuses on nouns

Bottom Line

Who should download drops? Though the free version of the app is limited, you may find it useful if you don’t travel often and looking to learn basic vocabulary or just need vocabulary reinforcement. Since it focuses on nouns, advanced users who want to immerse themselves in a language will have to learn grammar through another method and get a paid subscription for more time. The free version with 5-minute chunks is ideal for kids or those with short attention spans. You have the ability to upgrade the app at any time to unlock more features. However, it’s not necessary to pay a subscription. You have nothing to lose by downloading the app.


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