Duolingo Mobile App Review and Download

Offering almost 3 dozen languages, the Duolingo app is the best choice in language apps allowing you to become fluent in the language of your choice learning at your own speed. Using Duolingo anyone can learn to speak, read, write, and understand a new language as it is an easy to use app that breaks down the language into categories allowing you to decide what you want to learn.






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 What to Know to Download Duolingo

Learn how to speak, read, and write in different and engaging ways with every lesson from Duolingo. Choose the language you wish to learn and Duolingo will guide you through each lesson. Reach your learning experience goals throughout each lesson and earn rewards as a motivation factor to build upon your learning experience. So get started and download Duolingo today!

Features of the Duolingo App

  • 1. Initial Assessment: Before beginning to learn there is an assessment of your current knowledge level of the language to determine the best starter placement for you.
  • 2. Mic and Speaker: Listen to a new language firsthand learning the correct pronunciation and having lessons requiring you to speak ensuring you are speaking the new language correctly.
  • 3. Categories: The lessons are broken down into categories (alphabet, common phrases, education, food, family, etc) allowing you to learn in the order you want.
  • 4. Learning Goal: Learn as fast or slow as you want meeting your learning goal receiving a weekly progress report at the end of each week to monitor your progress.
  • 5. In-app Purchases: Earn lingots, the currency of Duolingo, and buy the in-app purchases allowing you to preserve your learning streak on days you can’t learn, and buy bonus categories that are not originally offered.

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Pros and Cons of Downloading Duolino

There are several benefits of learning with the Duolingo app. Adjust settings so they fit your environment whenever you desire. If at any moment you are unable to speak or listen, simply turn the mic and speaker off so you can continue learning with no problem. Even if you take a break from the app for a few days, naturally pick-up where you left off. Practice courses will remind you of everything you’ve learned instead of starting over from scratch. When using the Duolingo app, keep in mind that some skills can develop faster than others. These skills can include reading, writing, speaking, or understanding a new language.

On the negative side, a setback is that it does not allow for separate practices to strengthen these skills individually. They are all incorporated into each lesson.

Why You Should Download Duolingo

Take an interest in learning a new language? Then download Duolingo for a great learning experience! It offers more languages than any other app giving you the chance to learn any number of languages you want. You learn at your pace on your own time. If for some reason you put learning a new language on the back-burner, you pick up right where you left off. Don’t waste any more time putting off learning a new language, download Duolingo now and start learning today.



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