Classdojo Mobile App Review and Download

Classdojo is an app designed for teachers to improve classroom communication. With Classdojo for teachers, teachers can share info such as performance and behavior with parents and guardians regarding a particular student. Teachers can also share photos and videos and schedule conferences with parents and inform them of important meetings.






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About the Classdojo App Download

Parents and teachers can use the Classdojo app download to get the app for free. Found on both iOS and Android platforms, Classdojo is a great mobile app, and can also be used on desktops. Created by a teacher with the help of others, the app’s focus is to improve classroom learning, student skill development, and character-building through a visual reward program. Made for teachers, parents, and students, the aim is that you can view the app in real-time and chat with others privately.

Features of the App

Classdojo for Teachers is Customizable

Teachers can customize Classdojo for parents to meet their classroom needs. When teachers create an account, they can create separate classrooms and profiles for individual students. After the student’s sign into the teacher’s classroom, students can share the info with their parents. Parents can log-in to their student’s profiles and watch the progress of their students throughout the school year.

classdojo app download

Reward System

One of the most used features of the app is the reward system. Teachers can award a student for good behavior, excellent citizenship or other positive encounters. The reward shows up visually in a students’ profile. The visual reward encourages students to earn more rewards. Parents can also see visual rewards.

Student Profiles and Class Story

The Classdojo for free version protects students’ private info by only allowing parents to sign into their students’ accounts. If a parent has more than one child using the Classdojo app download at the same time, they will need to sign-in to each account. In addition to seeing an individual student profile, parents can also watch a class story. The Story is a place where the teacher can add pics of the classroom and short videos.

Classdojo Pros and Cons

Classdojo for parents offers teachers a variety of topics to document and report. Most teachers find it best to start with a basic number of features such as negative or positive behaviors that are reported. Selecting too many behaviors at once can be too much for teachers to keep up with though. If teachers use the point system but don’t document why a point was deducted from behavior some parents may question the behavior system. The app is easy to use and can help kids maintain better classroom behavior when they know the teacher is giving out points


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