Google Expeditions Mobile App Review and Download

From NASA’s Juno Mission to Framlingham Castle, the Google Expeditions app takes the user on an exclusive journey through VR and AR. The google expedition app is an immersive educational tool that allows teachers, students, administrators, and learners of all ages to organize groups and explore the world through the use of their mobile device.






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About the Google Expeditions Download

The Google Expeditions download app is fully functional and built to educate. It’s also great to use for teaching in classroom environments too. Since google expeditions is an interactive app, it gives leverage to educators who want to teach their students about the broad world around them without having to leave their classrooms.

Google Expeditions app has two functions, AR and VR. The VR tours allow users on mobile devices to explore a vast mix and collection of views from ancient Aztec Cities, to the peaks of Mount Everest, there are a good amount of materials that the user can experience through the app without leaving their current location. The AR tours are vastly different from VR tours. With AR tours, the environment around the user is changed with 3D objects that are placed in the environment.

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Pros of the Mobile App

  • Immersive app that allows anyone to learn about the large world around us anytime they choose to.
  • It allows educators to use AR (augmented reality) and VR (Virtual reality) to teach their students.
  • Better learning experience than lectures or paper homework assignments.
  • It allows the user to tour any of the AR or VR expeditions with a group or solo. This is especially significant for classrooms of people since it also allows many people to view the same tour at once through a connection or wi-fi experience.
  • The user has the option to download tours if they feel they want to view them on-the-go.

Cons of the Mobile App

  • More data and tours could be added in the future considering how broad the world is.
  • There are only nine different categories to pick from on the top of the app and these include; AR|VR, AAPI Month, Arts & Culture, Landscape, Science, Environment, The World Today, Careers, and Colleges. This app has a ton of potential with what they could offer. Adding categories that are exclusive to younger school-aged children or maybe putting in subcategories makes databases easier to browse.

Google expeditions is a great app for educators and learners alike due to its familiarity with using AR and VR technology. These technologies add to an individual’s abilities to see and experience the world through a different lens wherever they choose. The google expeditions download is free and accessible through both the google play store and the Apple app store. The google expeditions download is about 40 Megabytes in size, so make sure to save some space for it!


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