Hily Mobile App Review and Download

Hily is a dating app that works in the same fashion as Tinder. You use your picture and profile to attract potential romance. The profile tells all about you; your likes, dislikes, wants, hobbies, work, etc. You can select a potential like by swiping right on the picture of who you like.






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About the Hily Dating App

Hily has more features than Tinder, but the features come with a cost. You can also connect to the Hily dating app through anonymous links such as Snapchat. It is a dating app designed for either fun, dating, or long term romance. When building a profile, you choose the kind of experience you want from the app. Many dating apps are the same, but the app provides more of a glimpse into what you are really seeking in companionship.

The Benefits of Hily

  • Profile- Create your profile with your chosen attributes
  • Photographs- Your profile includes a total of 5 photographs
  • Discretion- Link up your profile with a discrete sign in
  • Likes/Dislikes- Choose what you like and who you like when it comes to your profile
hily dating app for mobile devices

Pros and Cons of Hily

The Hily app has positives and negatives. The downside to the Hily app is what ails many dating apps: the possibility of fake accounts. There are too many trolls out there in the world, and they use such things as the Hily dating app to spread their influence far and wide. What is a troll on a dating app? It’s either a bot that uses a fake account or a profile that is not legitimate. The app cannot filter out all of those who wish to use the app in the wrong fashion. It’s an expected flaw with dating apps. There is always the possibility of someone masking their identity for the wrong reasons. Dating apps are designed for people to meet each other, in hopes that a relationship can begin.

If you are looking for a good dating app, you should download the app. It has everything you need in a dating app. You will be able to broadcast your pictures and profile to anyone who seeks what you have to offer. The app is a great way to meet people and start new adventures. You can choose however you want the connection based on the attributes you put in your profile. Like Tinder, the app has a large number of features connected with profile attributes. I thought it was a good app for the purpose of being a dating app. I have no use for such an app though. But, if I were single and looking, I would definitely find a good benefit in the app. It has everything you want in a dating app.


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