Yahoo Mail Mobile App Review and Download

Communication methods are always changing. As new technologies are implemented every day, new communication means are incorporated into the market. Even though new methods are always being implemented like text messaging, there is one that came to stay. Electronic mailing.

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About the Yahoo Mail App

E-mails are messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network. The Yahoo Mail app, for example, provides e-mail communications that work similarly to postal mailing communications. Users choose a unique e-mail address, and people can send them messages to that specific address. Read communications right after receiving them, and also save the important ones.

Yahoo Mail is one of the top e-mail services out there today, and it was Launched in 1997. The app is owned by Yahoo! Inc., and it’s also always changing to work with advancing smartphone technologies. It allows the user to instantly send and receive messages with text and digital files. It features great capacity and efficiency.


  • Unlimited Storage → The Yahoo mail app comes with unlimited space to store all of your important emails.
  • Big E-Mails → One big message has a capacity of 25MB, which will allow you to send big communications without hesitating.
  • Security → It offers virus and spam protection.
  • No delays → View ads, but zero interruption of work.
  • Privacy → It allows you to block unwanted senders.
  • Easy access → Allows you to preview text and images of your received e-mails without the need of opening them.


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Pros of the Yahoo Mail App

  • Purchase premium features at a very low cost.
  • The interface is userfriendly, so the app is easy to use.
  • Links with other Yahoo services.
  • You can use your same account for both Yahoo mail for android and with Yahoo-Messenger.

Cons of the Yahoo Mail App

  • Deactivated accounts as a result of six months of inactive use.
  • Some personalization options are not so useful.
  • Ads → Web advertisement shown in the e-mails.

Yahoo Mail has millions of active users and has several advantages over other e-mail service providers. The service is certainly efficient, free and functional. If you already have an account, you might want to explore the Yahoo mail app for android. If have not yet discovered this amazing service, take the next step and download the app!


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