Discord Mobile App Review and Download

Discord is a robust chat application that is available on mobile and desktop platforms. The app offers a combination of features including chat lobbies, VoIP chatting, and bots for customizing channels. The service is highly popular among gamers and features integration with many popular online games.






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What is the Discord App?

The Discord app is designed to keep gamers communicating on a single platform. While the app and subscription features are geared towards gamers, anyone can use the app. Users will need to sign up for a basic account to get started.

Anyone can create a chat server on the service, becoming the channel’s administrator. Chat channels can have both text and voice-based chat, and administrators and moderators set the rules for their servers.

Additionally, the team behind the app added a server highlight and search function. This makes finding official gaming communities on the platform much easier than in the past. Setting channels to private requires new users to have an invitation from a current user, so no randoms join the server.

The app is an excellent communication tool for large groups. For example, this works well for gaming guilds, competitive teams, or an official gaming community. Large servers can have over 100,000 users with tons of channels for organizations. The overlay allows gamers to keep chatting while in-game, without having to tab out.

The app also features a paid subscription service called Discord Nitro. It starts at just $5/month or $50/year and grants additional perks to subscribers. The image upload size is increased; it also grants higher-quality screen sharing and other cosmetic benefits like stickers.

The use of its bots is what sets Discord apart from other communication apps. Bots provide community and server management tools to make large servers operate seamlessly. There are thousands of bots available for the service that can integrate with games for stats and other useful information.

Features of Discord

  • Available on iOS, Android, macOS, PC, and web
  • Completely free to use, but you will need an account
  • Chat with thousands of gaming communities for free
  • Set up servers for gaming groups or friends
  • Overlay for in-game chatting with a custom hotkey
  • Broadcast your games to your Friends List


what is discord app


  • Available for a wide variety of platforms.
  • Completely free to use for communication.
  • It features both a dark and light theme.
  • Granular voice controls for voice chat.
  • Mentions for staying on top of notifications.


  • Can’t hide the channel panel.
  • No custom notifications sound on mobile.
  • Lack of text size customization.

Discord Download – Why Should You Try It?

Stay in contact with other gamers through Discord’s connective design. It has become a ubiquitous part of gaming, so much so that many people expect other gamers to have it. Keep in mind that the Discord download is free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.


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