Truecaller Mobile App Review

Truecaller is a mobile application that uses internet connectivity to run. It has features of call identifying, spam blocking, call and voice recording, as well as enabled chatting and calls making. For one to have a Truecaller account, you are required to provide a standard cellular mobile number in the registration process. This app was developed by Truecaller Software Scandinavia, a Sweden based company, which was founded by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi in 2009.






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About the App

Truecaller App is a unique program for smartphone devices that reveals the identity of unknown calls even when the caller isn’t in the address book as well as block spam communications. It filters out all types of unwanted chats and calls, making it easier for people to connect with only people they want to communicate with.

This app works with Android, iOS, windows phone, and blackberry 10. For Truecaller to run, you require internet connectivity, either Wi-Fi or mobile data. It has a friendly user interface that is compelling and easy to use. In addition, it doesn’t have a ton of aspects and doesn’t need to have because it does exceptionally well the few things it’s designed for.

It is a light app that occupies little space. With a limited space of about 10 MBs, you can successfully download this app. Downloaded Truecaller should be installed to see whether it is compatible with your device. Once it is installed, you will be prompted to a quick yet easy registration process that will request you to sign up through your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account.


  • Attractive themes – there are a variety of beautiful wallpapers you can choose from in order to make your app great.
  • Organize your inbox and block unwanted messages – keep your inbox free from spam messages.
  • Call, receive, and send messages – with the Truecaller app, you don’t have to switch between apps in order to manage your communications.
  • Smart dialer – make calls to your friends and family members using this app and identify the identity of unknown numbers as you make a call.
  • Caller ID – identify hidden numbers, companies, or spam calls before you pick you to accept the call. See the true identity of any number calling you, whether a landline, prepaid or mobile number anywhere in the world.
  • Spam blocking – block unwanted numbers and auto block robocalls and telemarketers. With real-time number reporting, users always get protection against unwanted calls.

Pros of This App

  • It helps to find the number and names of people easily through the search bar.
  • Helps in blocking robocalls
  • Identifies and controls spams in term of calls and messages
  • Reveals the identity of private calls

Cons of This App

  • In some cases, it has shown to be inaccurate. Moreover, there are plenty of ads, which are quite discreet and non-intrusive.
  • The privacy and security of other contacts are not a sure thing. It is not a surprise to find your contact with a funny nickname or with an image you never thought existed. Whether you use Truecaller or not, most probably, your data is already taken without your permission.

Why You Should Download Truecaller

Truecaller prevents daily spam communications and simplifies some of your regular everyday tasks. It is an app that represents what the right technology should be, getting out of the way to let you handle your work seamlessly. Download Truecaller now, and enjoy its thrilling benefits.


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