Textnow Mobile App Review and Download

It is a mobile application that allows the user to make calls and texts from a unique phone number. This app interface is user-friendly. The process is quite simple. You just need to download Textnow on your dispositive, create an account, and choose one of the phone numbers that the app provides. Voila! You will be ready to make phone calls and send text messages for FREE!






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Download Textnow Mobile App Review

How often do you feel like your mobile company has teased you? The big telecommunication companies often have prices as big as their corporations. However, having a decent device and high-speed data with unlimited phone and texts is a luxury for most of us. Even though I have looked for several mobile service options, I always get disappointed. Despite bad customer service and low data speed, high prices are the common denominators in all of these mobile service companies. Thankfully, due to some technology genius, affordable high-quality telephone service has become a reality. An app that has been several years on the market has only changed for better. In other words, the next generation of wireless communication is here: Download Textnow.

Besides its free version, Textnow APK has a few mobile plans. What about that dream of getting rid of your mobile data provider and get a better service two to three times less expensive? Well, the Textnow app will comply that wish with their variety of plans.

  • Basic → It is free and includes a free phone number and voicemail, low priced international calling and texting.
  • Premium → Includes all the features from basic, plus caller ID, Voicemail transcription, unlimited photo, and video, call forwarding and elimination of adds.
  • Talk and Text Only → Includes all the premium features, plus unlimited calling and texting without the need of wifi
  • 2GB LTE → Includes all the Talk and Text Only plan, plus unlimited 2G data and Hotspotting for compatible devices.
  • 5GB LTE → A plan just like the 2GB LTE, but with 5GB high-speed data.
  • Unlimited LTE → Personally, the most tempting. For just $39.99 a month you get Unlimited LTE high-speed internet plus all the 5GB LTE features.


download textnow screenshots of contacts and messages


Pros of Textnow

  • It is completely free
  • Provides you a unique phone number
  • Allows you to make calls in USA and Canada for FREE
  • Allows you to send text messages to the USA and Canada for FREE
  • It gives you an option to change your mobile service provider and keep the phone number that you got from the app.

Cons of Textnow

  • The free version works with wifi only
  • Can’t make international calls for free on the free version

In conclusion, this application is a high price problem-solving solution. Therefore, take the next step and download Textnow today!


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