WEBTOON Mobile App Review

The webtoon app is comic app bassed of a comic hosting site where people can upload their own comics onto. Although you can upload to the webtoon website, you can only read comics on the webtoon mobile app. Webtoon is based off a site where no matter your skill level you can upload your comic to it. Although, on the mobile app people are more likely to see the most popular comics that are read by many people around the world.






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Webtoon App Review

Based in South Korea, Webtoon is known to take on comic artists around the world by featuring them on their Originals page where you can find comics that update weekly.

As you explore webtoon, you will find that there are comics that update on specific days of the week instead of every day. Although this might be a disadvantage, it makes sense because behind the scenes comics take time to create and share.

Some comics have been around longer than others and because of this, you will find that there will be more episodes with comics that have been updating for months and even years longer than newer ones.

Webtoon has been around since 2005 when South Korea introduced it as a publishing portal for comic artists.

Webtoon App Features

  • A page where you can signup and view comics specifically based on what you like
  • Find original comics that upload weekly
  • You can also search their canvas page where you will find newer and upcoming comics
  • You can buy coins to unlock episodes of certain comics that aren’t free


  • Comics are free to view for the most part
  • There are tons of comics to read for free
  • The user interface is pretty easy to navigate
  • You have the ability to save comics you love to a tab. This allows you to read them later you can easily navigate back to your chosen comics
  • Webtoons will suggest comics to you based on your previous selections. This feature is cool if you want more to read that are like your previous comic choices.


  • If you want to see some episodes of certain comics earlier you must buy coins to unlock them
  • Not every comic is shiny and clean. Since this is a site where anyone can post their works, there are sometimes works of less quality.
  • Not every comic has long updates. Some comics only post a few pages at a time

Webtoon Application Summary

If you are someone that is a lover of comics or stylized visuals, webtoon is one of the best comic viewing sites out there. Although the mobile app is only for viewing comics, webtoon shows comic artists from around the world which may interest those of you who like to draw comics and are thinking of creating ones yourself. If you love reading comics, this is the go-to app that many people around the world use to read free and engaging comics. You can download webtoon on IOS or Android by going to your designated app store. To download webtoon and start reading comics today, all you need is a little space on your phone and some time to burn as you dive deep into that next action-packed or romance visual story.


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