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The WolframAlpha mobile app is the brainchild of polymath Stephen Wolfram. Born out of Stephen's desire to organize all of the world's scientific information, the WolframAlpha mobile app aims to be a complete reference library of human analytical thought. The app is much more than a static library, however. You can use the WolframAlpha app to solve problems as you browse.






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Is This The Smartest Mobile App In The Universe?

For example, you can look up a calculus definition and then have the app solve a problem related to this definition right in front of your eyes. In fact, you can solve almost any mathematical or scientific problem that you can dream up with WolframAlpha.

This is not just an app for serious scientists, though.

The user interface is designed for curious people all over the world, regardless of their education. Whether you have a Ph.D. in astrophysics or are just curious about a scientific term that you read in the newspaper, you can find everything that you are curious about inside WolframAlpha for mobile.


  • Detailed Physics Library – The field of physics is more complex than ever these days, but this app helps you keep everything straight. From quantum mechanics to classical electricity & magnetism, the physics library has everything that you are looking for and more. You can use this library for its reference material, but you can also use the app to solve real-life physics equations.
  • Extended Mathematics Reference Library & Advanced Mathematical Capabilities – From calculus to complex number theory, this app has it all. Stephen Wolfram is a mathematician at heart, and this is reflected in the app’s seemingly endless variety of mathematical reference material. You can do more than just look things up, however. The app can solve both simple and advanced equations in algebra, trigonometry, and more. You can also produce detailed graphs and plots in multiple dimensions.
  • Large Encyclopedia Of Biology & Life Sciences – With the interactive biology library on this app, you can do a lot more than just read a few dry chapters on neuroscience on biochemistry. You can search through a variety of DNA sequences, view the complete genome of the fruit fly, and take interactive tutorials of your most important metabolic pathways.


  • This is probably the most complete collection of scientific and mathematical knowledge ever assembled. In addition to the core sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology, the app can teach you how to solve problems in materials science, engineering, geology, and computer science. Moreover, each of the subjects in this app comes with bite-sized articles that make it easy to learn new terms and expand your scientific vocabulary.
  • Not surprisingly, this app uses some of the most advanced problem-solving algorithms known to man. This means that it does your computations fast. When you enter an equation into the app, prepare to have the answer come back at you immediately.
  • The software engineers behind this app are constantly adding new terms and capabilities to the database.
  • You can use this app to learn all kinds of other subjects besides science. The app can also teach you about music, history, and several of the liberal arts. It also has a voluminous amount of reference material related to economics, agriculture, and finance.


  • The WolframAlpha app can take up a lot of memory on your mobile device. You need to make sure that you have a lot of disk space available before you download WolframAlpha. If not, the app may slow down your smartphone or tablet.
  • With so many subjects to learn, the app can be a tad overwhelming. It’s easy to pass time on the app, only to forget that you have other obligations to take care of.
  • It requires a stable internet connection, otherwise, errors occur when you try to have the app do calculations.


This app is an amazing example of how much information is available in the digital world. Not only can you use this app as an encyclopedia, but you can actually use it to solve equations. Whether you’re a student or just a curious reader, download WolframAlpha for your mobile device today.


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