Android Auto Mobile App Review and Download

Cars are becoming more technologically advanced, but a lot of their built-in features can be glitchy.  Syncing your smartphone with your vehicle makes things a whole lot easier. If your vehicle has smartphone app integration, you might want to consider utilizing your Android phone with it.

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What Android Auto Offers Drivers

The Android Auto download app is an easy way for drivers to pair their Android phones with their vehicles. Apps can be accessed via your vehicle’s touchscreen display or from the phone’s screen – whichever you prefer.

You can access Android Auto maps media messaging & voice features if you have Lollipop (Android 5.0) on your phone along with a data plan. Place your phone on a dash mount for convenience if you don’t want to use the vehicle’s touchscreen. The interface is user-friendly with big buttons that respond appropriately to the touch of your finger. This helps to minimize how distracted drivers can become while trying to operate apps while driving.

App Features

Apps that are compatible with this app include:

  • Facebook Messenger: A convenient way to message your Facebook friends from behind the wheel.
  • Pandora: Get all your music in one spot by creating your own stations.
  • WhatsApp: Allows you to make free phone calls to friends in other countries.
  • Built-in Android Auto maps media messaging & voice features


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Pros and Cons of Using This App

The Android Auto app is a user-friendly alternative to some of the wonky in-vehicle tech features that come with newer autos. You can access dozens of apps from your vehicle’s cockpit with just a few touches of the finger. This also makes for a much safer, less distracted driver.

The app seems to work best on Marshmellow (Android 6.0) and above. That is to say, the newer the phone you have, the better your chances are at a solid app performance.

It is important to note that Android Auto download can have issues with certain vehicles and phones. In some cases, users have experienced random disconnections. However, installing updates can be crucial for the software to work correctly. Those who need to make longer drives will likely have some disconnection issues that require them to restart the app.

Using the app on older Android versions is not recommended because those versions were not built to handle this big of an app.

Why You Should Install Android Auto

The Android Auto download app is great when it works. It provides drivers with an alternative to their vehicle’s built-in technology. Since voice recognition and navigation software still need to be refined by automakers, having this app on hand can spare drivers from becoming distracted and frustrated.

Installing the app can save you time while on the road, and there are plenty of free apps available to download with it from the Google Play store. Anyone who drives a newer vehicle can benefit from installing this app, but it will not work on older vehicles that do not have smartphone app integration.


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